Directing Lab

Directing Lab is a developmental program for early stage directors. It is geared toward professional directors in early career stages, and it is free of charge. It is designed for emerging directors who have never gone into formal film schools. The Lab also includes directors working in a wide variety of ways: from commercial film directors to independent film directors.

Directing Lab

Film Lab Fellows Program


Managing your vision in the real world.

The course teaches the skills needed to effectively manage a crew, communicate with a cast, and prepare for pre-production, production, and post-production. Participants rehearse scenes from their scripts and also run mock casting sessions.

Participants of this course will not only learn the skills needed to direct projects but also the fundamentals of filmmaking, by familizing themselves with all aspects of movie production. Our philosophy of ‘learning by doing’- encourages participants to experiment with the theoretical knowledge they acquire in the discussions.

In addition, directing students do not just learn how a film set works, but also how to take a film from an initial idea through creating a script to production and editing their films on professional digital editing equipment.

Acting for Film

Understanding the techniques of actors.

When an actor is about to go on a film audition or shoot a film, there biggest challenge is usually preparing emotionally for the role.  If this is your first time in front of the camera, it is very stressful which totally works against giving your best performance.  Besides learning breathing techniques which can aid your nerves, there are ways to make sure that your performance is memorable.

Along with the discovery that participants themselves are the most important part of every character they play, this course focuses on building self-awareness through trust and play exercises. Instructors stress honesty in engaging and committing to others. Students discover the difference that thorough text analysis makes to their work and also participate in improvisation and partnering exercises. They explore the basic acting skills and tools, learn the actor’s vocabulary, and begin to assume responsibility for their own creative growth.

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Directing Lab Fellows

Develop your skills in managing your film production team whilst achieving your creative vision and finding your voice as a director.

Highlight your vision

Achieve your creative vision and voice as a director.

Project Management

Balancing the realities of film production and you creative vision.


Be inspired and learn from award-winning mentors from the regions.


Realize your vision through local collaborations.

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CoVid-19 Protocols

Notices and Advisories

Due to the epidemic of Covid-19 and any possible mutation of it, we draw your attention to the fact that Danum Film Lab may have to cancel the physical workshop(s) or to postpone it to another date for responding to the recommendations of health and government organizations. In such a case, Danum Film Lab organizers will notify the participants of its decision without delay. In case of cancellation, the sessions will be held online.