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Danum Film Lab is an Artist-run film lab that represents a unique way for filmmakers and artists working to have access to the tools in film production in a collectively organized context. It is a comprehensive program that provides filmmakers with hands-on training and mentoring to take their initial film concepts through the process of developing an identity and community anchored short film.

A creative and safe space for film lovers and makers to create a community!

We promote filmmaker collaborations and conversations through workshops, screenings, and events. Designed as a platform for creative like-minded folks for knowledge exchange, entertainment and community building towards the creation of the local film industry.

Participants in the lab will be given the opportunity to learn from other established filmmakers on the skills and processes involved in developing concepts to screenplay, distilling ideas for documentaries, production management tools, cinematography techniques, storytelling through post production, directing methods, acting for film, and marketing & pitching your film project.

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Call for Applications

Deadline of Application: July 28, 2022 | 11:59pm

Danum Film Lab is community-based film lab for first-time and early filmmakers for fiction and non-fiction films in Cagayan and nearby provinces. Through this film lab, the selected participants will obtain mentorship and guide them in their future endeavors in film.

This edition of Danum Film Lab will be delivered through hybrid format (physical and online) in Cagayan Province. Interested participants must be able to commit their time with the programs that includes series of labs and forums from July- September.

Film Labs

The film lab is a series of workshops that aims to support the participants in the realization of their films.

Film Fora

The film fora are special discussions on film production practices and practical advise that aims to anchor film production with their communities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can apply?

Danum Film Lab is open to first-time filmmakers and filmmakers in the early stages of their career from Cagayan. Participants must be able to confirm their full availability in the program.

What types of films can apply?

Danum Film Lab is accepting film projects in the early stages of development for short fiction and non-fiction films.

Can minors (under 18 years old) apply for the Labs and Fora?

Participants below 18 years old may still apply for the film lab and forum for as long they can submit a consent form along with the application form.

Can I still apply even if I am not from Cagayan?

Interested participants for the film lab must be residing in Cagayan Province since we target to help them in mounting their film projects. The film fora is open to anyone since it will be held online.

What are the expected outputs as a participant?

Participants of each lab are expected to create their screenplays, production plans, call sheets, dossier and pitch trailers.

How much is the registration fee?

Danum Film Lab and Forum are free of charge.

Film Lab Programs

Story Development Lab

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The Story Development Lab is aimed at helping participants to develop their film project ideas into a fully realized screenplay. The participants will have the opportunity to receive one-to-one feedback from the lab mentors on how to strengthen their film project.

The Story Development Lab examines both narrative development and the role of storytelling in strengthening our grasp of our own culture, heritage, history and factual information.

Film Production Lab

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In the Film Production Lab, participants will work as a group to make a short film, with each participant having the option to specialize in one element of film production. While collaborating with fellow participants on their film, they will learn valuable lessons in script workshopping, pre production, casting and auditions, shot listing and location scouting, and technical skills from camera to sound.

The Production Lab intensive provides students the opportunity to develop a group film under the guidance of our knowledgeable and accomplished mentors. A script will be chosen from a collection of short scripts.

Pre-production responsibilities, including script breakdowns, scheduling auditions, location scouting, and shot listing, will be divided among the group. Participants will be responsible for completing their tasks and sharing results with the group.

During production, participants may elect to focus on a single department – camera, sound, lighting, set design, etc. – or rotate through departments to experience them all.

Directing Lab

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Directing Lab is a developmental program for early stage directors. It is geared toward professional directors in early career stages, and it is free of charge. It is designed for emerging directors who have never gone into formal film schools. The Lab also includes directors working in a wide variety of ways: from commercial film directors to independent film directors.

Editing Lab

Film editing is the art and craft of cutting and assembling finished film. This work is done by a film editor who helps complete the director’s vision of the movie. The creative choices of an editor are usually a combination of what they think is best for the film and what the director (and producers) want for the finished project. Mostly done during post-production, aspects of film editing can involve physical strips of celluloid film, digital files, or both.

Producing Lab

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Recognizing the crucial role that independent producers play in finding, shaping, and championing original filmmaking voices, the Danum Film Lab supports both fiction and nonfiction producers at all stages of their film projects.

Producers are given the opportunity to build a community of independent producers and industry members, hone creative skills, gain additional knowledge of the field, and develop strategies for pitching, producing, financing, and releasing their films.

Danum Film Fora

Stories from Home

A discussion on practical ways of highlighting your screenplay from creating your characters, narrative arcs and practical advise from screenplay writers from the regions.

This will be open to the public.

Speakers: To be announced

Schedule: July-August 2022

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Funding your Film

A discussion on the strategies of funding your first short film. This discussion will give practical advise on preparing the production expenses and list of considerations during a ‘pandemic’ shoot.

This will be open to the public.

Speakers: To be announced

Schedule: To be announced

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Setting-up your Film Festival

Participants of this discussion will learn the basics of preparing film festival from its ideation to implementation. Despite the diversity of festivals in the country, participant will be able to plan their respective festivals.

This will be open to the public.

Speakers: To be announced

Schedule: August 2022

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CoVid-19 Protocols

Notices and Advisories

Due to the epidemic of Covid-19 and any possible mutation of it, we draw your attention to the fact that Danum Film Lab may have to cancel the physical workshop(s) or to postpone it to another date for responding to the recommendations of health and government organizations. In such a case, Danum Film Lab organizers will notify the participants of its decision without delay. In case of cancellation, the sessions will be held online.