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Recognizing the crucial role that independent producers play in finding, shaping, and championing original filmmaking voices, the Danum Film Lab supports both fiction and nonfiction producers at all stages of their film projects.

Producers are given the opportunity to build a community of independent producers and industry members, hone creative skills, gain additional knowledge of the field, and develop strategies for pitching, producing, financing, and releasing their films.

Producing Lab

Film Lab Fellows Program

Producing and Marketing Films

What will be the journey of your film?

The marketing of a film is an important part of the success or failure of a movie. A good marketing campaign can help create buzz and interest in a film, which attracts people to watch it at theaters.

Film marketing is the process of promoting a film to increase its value. Marketing can be done by the studio producing and financing a film, but it’s more common for an outside firm – usually called a “marketing company” or “ad agency” – to handle this task.

You may not be aware of it, but most people start their careers in film marketing. It is the process of promoting a movie and creating an audience for it before the release date.

A film producer is responsible for finding and launching projects, arranging finance, hiring writers, a director, and a creative team, and supervising all pre-production, production, and post-production events until film release. Film Producers are the first to get involved in spotting the creative and commercial opportunities of production and continuing as a driving force till distribution.

Film Pitching

Creating your dossier and presenting to a panel.

A movie pitch is when a screenwriter presents an idea for a feature film to people who can help finance or produce it, in hopes of securing money to write the first draft. The pitch process is meant to intrigue the people who can help make a movie—either studio executives, distributors, producers, or directors—to sign onto the project. A movie pitch can be a verbal or a visual presentation of a writer’s big idea, usually preceding the writing of a draft of the film. Film pitches are useful tools that briefly convey the important elements of a film project, like premise, characters, plot, and budget.

Pitching in the film industry essentially involves a writer or filmmaker persuading buyers — such as studio execs, producers, investors, etc — to purchase their idea or screenplay. The verbal persuasion that is film pitching comes in many forms. The two common forms being the elevator pitch and the 20-minute pitch.

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Producing Lab Fellows

Building a community and network for the realization of your film project and paving the road for your film journey.

Creating Community

Realizing and accepting that film production is a community effort.

Film Market

Aside from finding resources for your film project, the journey of your film towards paving your career.


Be inspired and learn from award-winning mentors from the regions.


Realize your vision through local collaborations.

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