Story Development Lab

The Story Development Lab is aimed at helping participants to develop their film project ideas into a fully realized screenplay. The participants will have the opportunity to receive one-to-one feedback from the lab mentors on how to strengthen their film project.

The Story Development Lab examines both narrative development and the role of storytelling in strengthening our grasp of our own culture, heritage, history and factual information.

Story Development Lab

Film Lab Fellows Program

Introduction to Regional Cinema and Film Appreciation

Revisiting and appreciating our community

In order to fully understand the power and potential of cinematic storytelling, we help our participants navigate in finding their own voice in their storytelling by being aware of the different cinematic techniques of other filmmakers from the regions and looking beyond their films. Participants will be given the opportunity to interpret and understand the intentions of the filmmakers as well as be inspired through film screening.

Ideation to First Draft

Creating your story by finding your voice

The discussion is a must for anyone new to scriptwriting who wish to improve their scriptwriting. It will establish a common vocabulary for approaching the screenplay. Participants will learn from a mixture of basic theory, script analysis and practical exercises. We will explore key principles as they’re expressed in great films, then immediately apply these concepts. 

By the end of the course, you will understand the key concepts necessary to write an effective screenplay and be fluent in the language used to discuss the form.

Fiction Film Incubator

This course is designed so that filmmakers can hone their storytelling craft through an intensive process of writing, revising, reading, and the giving and receiving of constructive criticism. The first session of each workshop begins with a script from each filmmaker in the rough draft stage. Participants explore creative styles, forms, subjects, and modes of writing.

  • Elements of Screenplay
  • Narrative Arc and Milieu
  • Regional Narratives in Cinema

Non-Fiction Film Incubator

This course provides filmmakers with training and mentoring to educate and inspire them as they develop short documentary pitches. The workshop is designed for documentary filmmakers who wish to move beyond the “talking head” format and learn how to find the story in their footage, develop character, craft compelling story arcs, and strike an honest balance between story and argument.

  • Introduction to Documentary Film
  • Tackling Sensitive Topics
  • Access and Documentary Protagonist
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Story Development Lab Fellows​

Develop the narrative that highlights your community alongside with mentors who can give practical advise with your fiction or non-fiction project.

Local Narratives

Highlight the local narratives of the communities.

Finding your voice

Express yourself through screenplay writing.


Be inspired and learn from award-winning mentors from the regions.


Realize your vision through local collaborations.

CoVid-19 Protocols

Notices and Advisories

Due to the epidemic of Covid-19 and any possible mutation of it, we draw your attention to the fact that Danum Film Lab may have to cancel the physical workshop(s) or to postpone it to another date for responding to the recommendations of health and government organizations. In such a case, Danum Film Lab organizers will notify the participants of its decision without delay. In case of cancellation, the sessions will be held online.