North Luzon Cinema Guild, Inc. is fulfilled with the various communities, partnerships and collaborations throughout its 2023 journey. The NLCGI has traveled across Northern Luzon and other nearby provinces to share its vision with the communities through cinema and other creative endeavors. With newly created collaborations and strengthened partnership with previous beneficiaries, the Guild shares its 2023 highlighted activities.

In 2023, the North Luzon Cinema Guild, Inc. was a recipient of the Creativity Pioneers Fund of the Moleskine Foundation, InterGuild Alliance and the Quezon City International Film Festival’s (QCinema) COVID Support Grant in 2022. Launching the program- Istoria Ili (Stories of the Community): A Mobile Film Camp. The program is implemented by tailoring the objectives with the co-implementers in the communities.

Istoria Ili: Mobile Film Camp is a community-anchored film camp that primarily focuses on rediscovering the unheard narratives, particularly in Luzon in the Philippines, and of the Filipino Identity. The film camp aims to rediscover and reflect on the treasures of local culture and heritage expressed through cinema. This also aids in the creative interpretation of community dynamics and their status quo- their fears and dreams, and how they envision the future of their community.

The first implementation of the program was in Alaminos City in December of 2022 with its localized title called Istoria Nen Kabaleyan with Alaminos City National High School’s Media Arts Students under the Special Program for the Arts. The participants have produced three short films entitled; ‘HeSheMe’ by John Carlo Ducusin, ‘Kumpas’ by Mikaila Cabungason and ‘Hello?’ by Matt Grospe. This has been made possible by Dr. Raquel Rarang Rivera and the Layag Productions of Alaminos City through the support of the Local Government of Alaminos City.

The film camp was also brought and implemented in Dagupan City through the partnership with Pangasinan Youthcaster and the PHINMA- University of Pangasinan Association of Communication Students. The program carried the title “Istoria Nen Kaluyagan”. The film camp produced ‘I Love You Dough’ by Fatima Key Gilledo, ‘tinnitus’ by Jhenyca Gadiana, ‘Talaghay’ by Richard Dave Abrejal, ‘Unforeseen’ by Allysa Dela Cruz, and ‘Inseblet A Kawayangan’ by Christian Ramoso.

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